An overview of Channel Manager

Need of Channel Manager

Long gone are the days when room reservation are only being done via phone call , offline travel agents or front desk booking. In today’s digital age, presence of internet has pioneered channels which are easily available to users with just a click away. Now guests can smartly decide over their choices for hotel stay.

That being said,  various online platforms are out there which allow users to compare, review and book a room in their favorite hotel. Agoda, expedia, are few of the famous platforms housed in the category of Online Travel Agents.

Online Travel Agent

With the advent of internet and easy to use online platform, various services have been initiated to ease our life and solve the essential problems.

One such problem was to choose an authentic and trustworthy hotel for a comfortable stay at reasonable prices. Looking out this opportunity many online platforms were started like agoda, expedia, tripadvisor and others, all stacked up under the category of Online Travel Agents.

All these OTA’s aim to provide a booking for their visitors who are looking for a hotel of their choice during their vacation or any business stay. To attract visitors OTAs offer enticing discounts and enhance hotel business and its growth.

These OTAs have created a fierce competition for hotels forcing them to come out with one-of-their-kind deal to attract a fraction of millions of users surfing over OTAs website.

Hotel needs to individually log-in to various OTAs to update their pricing and manage their property online.

Rise of Channel Manager

As we progress and evolve, complexity increases and a requirement arises to ease out the necessity. Channel manager is a product of one such necessity.

With the popularity of OTAs and plethora of its users, multiple platform has been created as per the various requirements of users. And with this rises the complexity for hotel to manage their property on out-of-the-count OTAs by manually login to these OTAs..

Channel manager comes into aid for hotel to ease down this complexity by providing just one simple log-in to auto update their inventory pricing across multiple OTAs linked to channel manager.

One simple login to multiple OTAs is what Channel Manager has to offer for hotels easy functioning on online platform.

Benefits of using channel manager

With a main aim to update pricing at multiple OTAs with one single log-in, channel manager offers lot of other benefits to hoteliers.

  • Sense your competition
    Channel manager allow hoteliers to extract information of their competitors, locally or globally who are registered on similar OTAs. This gives an opportunity for hoteliers to make insightful decisions on their revenue management.
  • Rate parity
    With the help of channel manager hoteliers can update their pricing not only to OTAs but can update real time data on their CRS and front desk software as well.
  • Flexible inventory allocation
    Hoteliers can even break their room allocation by limiting their property to specific OTAs. Thus giving them a window to provide maximum inventory to a channel which is giving them maximum return. This is one of the specific feature of Roomito’s Channel Manager which is in-fact available free for 2 years with just one time installation cost.
  • Maximum marketing and minimum error.
    With technology of Channel manager everything is auto-manageable with very less manual efforts and thus minimising any room of error. Giving hoteliers a free hand to just focus on their hotel marketing efforts.

Thus, with every business going online every other day, hoteliers should not stay behind feeling shy of using any basic technology. Channel manager is a boon to hotel management industry with the multitude of benefits it offer thus making it a must-use technical product for all the property types in hospitality industry.

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