Influence Guest Behavior – Why Reviews Are Important

guest reviews
One the most important piece of content regarding your property are Online Guest Reviews.They can either be boon for your hotel or be a massive detractor, it all depends on how well you manage them. Customer reviews will appear in many places across the web including online travel portals, social media channels, and your website.
We have an elaborate step by step guide on how to manage reviews to enhance your hotels brand, and in turn increase your bookings, find it here.
The world today is connected, and sharing experiences good or bad is just one click away, thanks to the internet. People are traveling more than ever, and before anything else, they read these experiences, or we can say reviews, and form an opinion. So being an hotelier in the age of the internet is challenging more than ever.
Data is changing the way we do things and even the way we think. Tripadvisor and TrustYou in their survey uncovered some hard hitting insights, regarding the amount of importance guests, give to reviews before booking hotels, and also the importance of review moderation by hoteliers. The key insights among their findings:

The must-know key insights about online guest reviews:

•  96% consider reading reviews important when planning trips and booking hotels
•  83%  will “usually” or “always” reference reviews before deciding to book a hotel
⦁ 88% of travelers drop out hotels with an average star rating below three
⦁ 79% refers to at least 6 to 12 reviews before choosing hotel
⦁ 50% plus will not book a property that doesn’t have any reviews
These new key insights, support the findings from previous studies on traveler behavior, this reinforces that reviews do influence travelers booking decisions and continues to be of utmost importance for hotels.
Multiple factors influence your hotel’s ranking on review sites and OTAs like Satisfaction Score or Stars, Volume of reviews and recency. Hotels can enjoy the benefits of good reputation by boosting the volume of reviews and should have standard processes and training in place to proactively encouraging guests to leave a review. If you can see that a guest is satisfied and happy at check out, front desk manager can politely ask them to write a review of their experience or create a process of regular check out email insisting guests share their review by directing them to review sites.

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