Travel Trends in January 2017

2017 january travel trends

Every year a lot of people among us have their new year resolutions to travel a little more, and now as the 2016 year ends that urge and the insatiable appetite of Indian travellers is taking them to places to explore and beam into the new year 2017 in a memorable way.

As the year warms up, travel ramps up!

In the beginning of year, comes the excitement of new year. And the party, celebration and travel spree which begins on Christmas gets extended till new year’s eve. We witness a spike in travel intent of those looking to enjoy winter holidays, either heading for snow or seeking sunshine or perhaps just making their way home to celebrate the holiday season with family. Either way, airports, railroads and highways are packed with holiday travellers during December and January. On reaching the destination, travellers look out for a perfect stay and that’s where a hotel have to take advantage by preparing themselves for this travel season.

Top destinations by category

To contemplate over the top destinations for January provides a taste of what’s to come for travel. But looking at them by category in order to modify your hotel business, offers an insight into what kind of trips people are planning and where they are looking to spend their January.

  • Beach location: People of the north India are more likely to visit beach locations like Goa, Manglore, Mumbai to begin their new year 2017 in a perfect getaway from their mundane life.
  • Desert location: To skin out under the bright sun out there, people love to go desert location like Jaisalmer and Jodhpur in the winter season. Jaipur and Udaipur are other favorite destinations which come en-route to the Rajasthan desert.
  • Ski location: Ice lovers runaway to places like Manali, Auli and do happy tripping in Kasol n Kasauli. Although being very-cold-January it is the beauty of pure white ice which attracts them.

How to dominate January travel

January marks the beginning for Hotel’s to cash in on this year’s travel resolution before travelers reset in the new year. Below are some of the methods hotel can utilize for their benefit-

  • Enhance your online presence
    Use the simplified and easy to use channel manager which can connect your hotel to maximum OTA’s. This will not only enhance your online presence but will increase bookings if you provide best deal among the competition
  • Offer them the best
    If you are having your own website and inviting the reservation via booking engine than the pricing should be the lowest among all other channels for your hotel reservation. This will generate a traffic to your in-house website.
  • Provide travel journals on websites
    Let the travelers love you for the services and benefits you provide them. Give them the destination info via travel journals on your website. This will ease out their travelling and will build a relationship to convert them into your guest.

If done the right way, Hotel’s can utilize these travel trends for their growth and prosperity. With the beginning of the year comes a great opportunity for hotel’s to attract the travelers and give them a memorable experience under which they can begin their new year.


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