Your Hotel Needs Mobile Optimised Website Before an App

Mobile app vs Mobile Web

Mobile is taking over the world one user at a time. Mobile phones are now the most preferred medium for visitors to interact with travel websites or searching for hotels and booking their vacations.

In the middle of smartphones becoming the king, the travel fraternity is stressing over whether hotels, tour operators and other key members should develop their own mobile application, or focus their attention on building mobile optimized websites.

We are not suggesting to contest between the two, as mobile apps have their own place. But for travel brands those who are starting out or even the ones those who have established themselves and are building and nurturing an online presence, your first and foremost priority is to make sure your business website is optimized for mobile user experience. In fact, we suggest that any brand within the domain of hospitality that does not yet have a mobile optimized site must get it done on priority.

You must be thinking why we are suggesting to get your business a mobile optimized website when you have the propensity to get an application. Let us take a look at some facts before diving deep.


Quick Fact Check

Marketing expert and consultant Fredric Gonzalo attended EyeForTravel’s annual Social Media and Mobile Strategies in Travel Summit in San Francisco, gaining some startling insights into the world of travel apps and mobile development.

Many big shot organizations participated and gave presentations i.e. Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor and more which revealed the following:

  • 80% of time spent on mobile apps is done on the top five most popular mobile apps, and Facebook owns two of these
  • 90% of all mobile apps downloaded don’t even get opened on the first 30 days
  • An estimated data shows that 76% of the mobile apps don’t get used again after 24 hours
  • Looking at information sources used by US travelers when planning a trip, a hotel website topped the list at 40%, with OTAs close behind at 38%

Gonzalo recalled that “The ‘mobile app vs. mobile web’ was perhaps the most interesting debate”. To be relevant in today’s fast pace travel market and to cater to on-the-go travelers having a mobile app is not at all important.

A mobile application is a great tool, but one can easily make it out by reading the stats presented above to quickly realize that app market is heavily saturated, where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out and stay relevant.

What brands need, however, is a sound strategy to provide lucid browsing experience for travelers on the mobile web, where consumers don’t always want to have to download an app to engage with your brand,” he explains.


Why do you need a mobile friendly website?

Firstly understand what is a mobile friendly website, it is essentially a site that’s been designed to display correctly on hand-held devices. The experience should be fluid with minimum scrolling and zoom, it should be easy to navigate, and should be designed keeping in mind the user personas which will make it easier for users to find the content they are looking for without any hassle.

SEO experts are placing utmost importance on making websites mobile optimized because the biggest search engine Google now rewards responsive websites with higher search rankings, and also warned that inaccessible mobile content would be penalized.

Getting a mobile app for your business is very costly depending on the type of functionality you would want, on the other hand developing a user-friendly mobile optimized website is inexpensive, and once done it has the power to convert your visitors into guests by giving them a smooth user experience. The majority of the travelers in India would rather use a hotel’s website to gather more information before booking a stay.

This enhanced and smooth user experience will ensure much greater conversion and increased loyalty.

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